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The Lothians Team Tournament is open to all affiliated clubs and societies in the Lothians area of Scottish Golf Ltd. It was first played in 1921, the year the Lothians Golf Association was formally constituted.

Mortonhall won the inaugural event with an aggregate score of 463, finishing ahead of Burgess and Bruntsfield Links. WC White (Mortonhall), Dr A Clelland (Stewarts College FPs), Stuart Forsyth (Carlton) and WB Torrance (Burgess), as the four lowest scorers, were the qualifiers for a follow up individual match play tournament.

The Shield for the Team Tournament, was first played for in 1926, making it the oldest trophy in events run by the Lothians Golf Association. It cost seven guineas having been donated by members and past members of the committee at the time.

In 1936 the Stuart Cup was presented by a retiring secretary and this was used initially as the individual match play trophy. The individual match play event continued until 1947 the year the Amateur Championship was instigated. Between 1948 and 1964 the leading players in the Team Tournament went on to play a 36 hole stroke play event for the Stuart Cup. The Team Tournament then took on a foursomes format for a few years and the Stuart Cup found a new use as the trophy for the best qualifying score in the Amateur Championship.

In the first five years the individual event was dominated by WB Torrance (Burgess) and W Willis Mackenzie (Mortonhall), who each won it twice. They, incidentally, were the only Scottish players in the first Walker Cup team in 1922.

The current format involves teams of 3 players competing over 18 holes on one course. All three scores count and the winning club is the team who return the lowest aggregate score over the three rounds. For many years the winning team represented the Lothians in the Scottish Men’s Club Championship in September and the winner of that then represents Scotland in the European Men’s Club Championship in October. Scottish Golf dropped the Scottish event in 2019 and were not represented in the European Championships.

In conjunction with this event the Walker Trophy was presented in 1954 and is awarded to the best Society team.

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For a list of all the players in the winning teams for the Walker Trophy click here.

Year Past Winners of the Team Tournament Past Winners of the Walker Cup
2023 Dunbar George Heriots FP
2022 Bathgate George Heriots FP
2021 Dunbar George Heriots FP
2020 Not played due to the COVID-19 restrictions
2019 Dunbar Royal Bank of Scotland
2018 Turnhouse George Heriots FP
2017 Duddingston George Heriots FP
2016 Duddingston George Heriots FP
2015 Longniddry BBT
2014 Longniddry Temple
2013 Duddingston Temple
2012 Harburn George Heriots FP
2011 Duddingston Bank of Scotland
2010 Carrickvale Temple
2009 Bathgate George Heriots FP
2008 Longniddry Watsonians
2007 Longniddry George Heriots FP
2006 Glencorse Hailes
2005 Broomieknowe Temple
2004 Bruntsfield Links GS Bank of Scotland
2003 Ratho Park Caermont
2002 Glencorse Westermont
2001 Deer Park Hailes
2000 Ratho Park Royal Bank of Scotland
1999 West Linton Watsonians
1998 Mortonhall Watsonians
1997 West Lothian West Mains
1996 Duddingston Westermont
1995 Broomieknowe Scottish Life
1994 Duddingston Scottish Universities
1993 Cancelled Scottish Universities
1992 Ratho Park Royal Bank of Scotland
1991 Duddingston Bank of Scotland
1990 West Linton Royal Bank of Scotland
1989 Bathgate Royal Bank of Scotland
1988 West Lothian Watsonians
1987 Turnhouse Royal Bank of Scotland
1986 Prestonfield Torphin 20
1985 Broomieknowe George Heriots FP
1984 Murrayfield  Bank of Scotland
1983 Pumpherston Royal Bank of Scotland
1982 Glencorse TSB
1981 Murrayfield Royal Bank of Scotland
1980 Glencorse Royal Bank of Scotland
1979 Pumpherston Royal Bank of Scotland
1978 Bank of Scotland Hailes
1977 Newbattle Wallyford Welfare
1976 Turnhouse Royal Bank of Scotland
1975 Dalmahoy Third
1974 Dalmahoy Royal Bank of Scotland
1973 Gullane Comrades Third
1972 Dunbar Watsonians
1971 Dalmahoy Royal Bank of Scotland
1970 Musselburgh Scottish Universities
1969 Duddingston Edinburgh University
1968 Duddingston Edinburgh University
1967 Dalmahoy Third
1966 Royal Bank Royal Bank of Scotland
1965 Lothianburn Scottish Universities
1964 Craigmillar Park Tantallon
1963 Duddingston Scottish Dev. Offices
1962 Edinburgh University Edinburgh University
1961 Duddingston Department of Health
1960 Dalmahoy DCL Scotland
1959 Craigmillar park Edinburgh University
1958 Dalmahoy Dirleton Castle
1957 Prestonfield Bank of Scotland
1956 Edinburgh University Edinburgh University
1955 Gullane Watsonians
1954 Gullane DCL Scotland
1953 Gullane
1952 Longniddry
1951 Gullane
1950 Bruntsfield Links GS
1949 Melville College FP
1948 Royal Burgess GS
1947 Royal Burgess GS
1946 Turnhouse
1940-45 Not played during Second World War 
1939 Turnhouse
1938 Caermont
1937 Dalmahoy
1936 Duddingston
1935 Bass rock
1934 Turnhouse
1933 Duddingston
1932 Bass Rock
1931 Baberton
1930 Dirleton Castle
1929 Duddingston
1928 Bass Rock
1927 Lothianburn
1926 Dirleton Castle
1925 Murrayfield
1924 Dirleton Castle
1923 Mortonhall
1922 Mortonhall
1921 Mortonhall

Team Tournament - Winner of the Individual Match Play Tournament 1921 to 1947 Winner presented with the Stuart Cup 1936 to 1947

Year Champion Club
1947 H M Williamson Edinburgh Western
1946 Ian A Williamson Mortonhall
1940 to 1945 No Tournament World War 2
1939 J Sibbald Dirleton Castle
1938 H S Mackersy Duddingston
1937 D S Wemyss Turnhouse
1936 C N S Tweedale Institution FP
1935 R B Denholm Bass Rock
1934 W G F Scott Dalmahoy
1933 D C Murray Duddingston
1932 R B Denholm Bass Rock
1931 J Lang Blackford
1930 H Watt Dirleton Castle
1929 G C Killey Duddingston
1928 R B Denholm Bass Rock
1927 W B Torrance Burgess
1926 W B Torrance Burgess
1925 G C Killey Duddingston
1924 C Mann Stewart's Melville
1923 W W Mackenzie Mortonhall
1922 W W Mackenzie Mortonhall
1921 W B Torrance Burgess

Team Tournament - Leading Individual Score and winner of the Stuart Cup 1947 to 1964

Year Winner Club
1964 J M Brown Lothianburn
1963 C N Hastings Watsonians
1962 P G Brown Tantallon
1961 A R Murphy Turnhouse
1960 W G Richmond Dalmahoy
1959 D C Louden Tantallon
1958 J Burnside Prestonfield
1957 J Burnside Prestonfield
1956 A M M Bucher Bruntsfield Links GS
1955 G W Mackie Gullane
1954 A F D Macgregor Merchants
1953 R Wight Duddingston
1952 R M Lees Liberton
1951 G W Mackie Gullane
1950 A M M Bucher Bruntsfield Links GS
1949 S B Williamson Longniddry
1948 Wm. Sibbald Dirleton Castle

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