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Many sports bodies both amateur and professional have a Code of Conduct for their participant members. While two of the major functions of the Lothians Golf Association (LGA) are to provide development opportunities and competition for golfers within the Lothians area, it is time to introduce a Code of Conduct to accompany the selection of teams to represent the LGA, and also draw attention to what is expected by Lothians players even when not representing the LGA. 

Player development and representative golf have the following objectives:

1. To promote the development of golfers who have the potential to represent the LGA

2. To pursue excellence in the playing of golf to enable LGA golfers to perform at the highest level.

3. To promote the game of golf to attract new players to the game and secure the future of golf within the Lothians.

Promotion of golfers and golf has many aspects but player behaviour is of paramount importance at all times. The objectives referred to above are achieved in the following ways:

1. Funding received from Association levies on clubs in the Lothians – these levies contribute to the majority of the expenses incurred by the LGA.The funding of representative golf and player development accounts for a significant amount of these expenses.

2. Sponsorship has become an important source of support to supplement the LGA’s income and enable it to hold down the capital fee to our clubs. Sponsors deserve a quality sponsorship experience through excellent performance and conduct to justify their support of golf.

3. Through the voluntary services of the Sub Committees of the LGA, as well as some Past Presidents, other general volunteers, and managers of teams, and through the voluntary commitment of the LGA Executive who give many hours throughout the year, managing the administration and activities of the LGA.

4. Support from Professional coaches within Scotland.

5. A positive commitment from the players selected to take part in coaching/development programmes, and/or to represent the LGA. This group represents a very small percentage of the golfers within the Lothians. 


Only players who are prepared to abide by this Code of Conduct and become worthy ambassadors of the game of golf in general and golf within the Lothians, will be granted this privilege.

In return for the positive commitment to the LGA’s objectives and this Code, the LGA agrees to provide reasonable resources within the guidelines laid down by the Executive Committee of the LGA to assist the player to : develop as a player: and have the opportunity to represent the LGA.

In the event that a player breaches this Code of Conduct, the LGA reserves the right to withdraw some or all of the privileges at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


1. TO maintain a standard of conduct in any golf event or activity, and comply with the etiquette of golf. (Players must exercise self-control. Bad language, equipment abuse and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.)

2. TO maintain a high standard of conduct off the course and avoid any action/behaviour that may discredit the LGA. (Players must exercise moderation in the consumption of alcohol, and have had adequate sleep when representing the LGA. The consumption of alcohol by any player under 18 years of age is strictly forbidden)

3. TO maintain a continuing high standard of appearance. There will be Dress Codes for tournament play and presentation/after match functions. Attendance at prize-giving will be expected. When representing the LGA, the correct team uniform must be worn at all times, both on and off the course, with no exceptions.

4. TO take care of all clothing and golfing equipment provided by the LGA. Loss of, or damage to equipment beyond normal wear and tear shall be a charge against the player.

5. TO be punctual and regularly attend all training sessions, team or squad meetings (if any), throughout the season unless dispensation has been given by the Team Manager or Coaching Convener/Committee, or, in special circumstances by the President. Players must be prepared both physically and mentally for all events

6. TO be punctual for all tournaments and competitions under the control of the LGA or any National event, and for travel to/from these events.

7. TO remain in the company of the team and the managers/committee members, from the time of departure to the time of return for all events specified by the LGA, unless dispensation has been given in special circumstances by the relevant parties.

8. TO abide by the decisions of the managers or committee members at all times. The managers or committee members are required to exercise their authority fairly and discreetly.

9. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT the managers or committee members will be required to report to the Executive Committee after each team event, activity or coaching programme on any breaches of this Code

Any dissatisfaction that players may have regarding decisions of any person in authority, should be referred to the Executive Committee through, in the first instance, the Secretary of the LGA 

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