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Lothians Amateur Championship

History and Winners

The Lothians Championship is the Lothians Golf Association's flagship event and was first held in 1947 when the local evening newspaper presented the magnificent Evening News Championship Trophy, one of the most impressive trophies in golf. The Evening News sponsored the event for almost 50 years.

The Stuart Cup, which was first used for individual winners in the Team Tournament, has, since 1965, been used as the trophy for the leading qualifying score in the Amateur Championship.

The first winner of the Championship was A S Flockhart, of Royal Musselburgh. He went on to represent Scotland in the Home Internationals in 1948/49, a feat that has since been achieved by 15 other Lothians champions.

Winners have included former Ryder Cup and Walker Cup captains in Bernard Gallacher (1967) and George Macgregor (1968) respectively.

Duddingston has produced the most winners in the event, including five-time Scottish champion Ronnie Shade and Stuart Smith, who shares the record for the most wins - four - with Haddington's Keith Nicholson.

Before 2018, Smith, Nicholson, Gullane’s W C D Hare and Ratho Park's Callum MacPhail were the only players to have successfully defended the title, the former having chalked up a hat-trick of wins from 1993-1995 however they are now joined by Jamie Morris of Glencorse.

Only J Burnside has successfully defended the Stuart Cup (1957/58) and only Stuart Middleton (Glencorse), Lee Morgan (Dunbar), Connor Wilson (Castle Park) and Allyn Dick (Kingsfield) have won both the stroke play and the match play trophies in the same year (1990, 2016, 2020 & 2021 respectively) but 10 others have won both trophies in different years.

The format for the event was reviewed for 2016 and having been successfully completed over the last four years, and the changes, supported by the players, will remain in the revised format for 2024.

A liat of the champions including their photographs and of the leading qualifiers can be seen below.

More detailed information about the trophies and the winners, including the runners-up, venues and scores was included in a hand-out enclosed with a Centenary brochure at the 2021 event.  This can be seen if you click here.

Year Champion Image Runner Up Venue Score
2023 Stuart Blair (Royal Musselburgh) C Wilson (Castle Park) Bruntsfield Links 20th Hole
2022 C Wilson                (Castle Park)

S Blair                   (Royal Musselburgh)

Royal Burgess 3&2
2021 A Dick            (KIngsfield) S McCandless    (Bathgate) Mortonhall 2 Holes
2020 C Wilson (Castle Park) A Benson (West Lothian) Prestonfield 3&2
2019 M Napier        (Turnhouse) S McLaren     (Bruntdfield Links) Broomieknowe 19th Hole
2018 J Morris (Glencorse) N Saldarov (Craigielaw) Luffness New 1 Hole
2017 J Morris          (Glencorse) C Low             (Tantallon) Bruntsfield Links 2 Holes
2016 L Morgan            (Dunbar) S Marc    (Broomieknowe) The Renaissance 8&6
2015 S Marc    (Broomieknowe) S Smith                  (West Linton) Monktonhall 1 Hole
2014 D Miller      (Duddingston) N Free         (Musselburgh Old) Longniddry 19th Hole
2013 A Anderson    (Bruntsfield Links) B McLeod    (Musselburgh) Duddingston 4&3
2012 P Drake      (Pumpherston) C Deerness       (Harburn) Dalmahoy 19th Hole
2011 A Anderson    (Bruntsfield Links) S Smith          (Dalmahoy) Broomieknowe 4&2
2010 A. Dick (Kingsknowe) C Elliot (Carrickvale) Royal Burgess 3&1
2009 K A Nicholson (Haddington) K G Messer     (Dalmahoy) Craigielaw 2 Holes
2008 C Orr             (Craigielaw) S Armstrong   (Turnhouse) Longniddry 20th Hole
2007 M Hillson        (Craigielaw) J Ross                   (Royal Burgess) Bruntsfield Links 2&1
2006 A Culverwell       (Dunbar) M Kerr            (Dalmahoy) Dalmahoy 2 Holes
2005 D Warner (Haddington) G Turner (West Linton) Monktonhall 4&3
2004 S Armstrong  (Turnhouse) A M Anderson (Bruntsfield Links) Mortonhall 4&3
2003 J Gallagher      (Swanston) M Kerr           (Craigmillar Park) Gullane 19th Hole
2002 B J Smith    (Duddingston) N R Shillinglaw (Glencorse) Duddingston 1 Hole
2001 K A Nicholson (Haddington) G McCall          (Baberton) Longniddry 4&3
2000 M D Timmins Prestonfield) K Reilly      (Silverknowes) Royal Burgess 19th Hole
1999 C Swanston (Uphall) D Inglis (Glencorse) Monktonhall 3&2
1998 K A Nicholson (Haddington) M Chambers (Carrickknowe) Bruntsfield Links 1 Hole
1997 K A Nicholson (Haddington) G Miller          (Newbattle) Gullane 4&3
1996 D Robertson (Dunbar) B J Smith (Duddingston) Newbattle 3&2
1995 S. Smith (Duddingston) S Walker (West Linton) Broomieknowe 1 Hole
1994 S. Smith (Duddingston) S Walker (West Linton) Mortonhall 2&1
1993 S. Smith (Duddingston) D Robertson (Dunbar) Dudingston 4&3
1992 C. Macphail (Ratho Park) S Middleton (Glencorse) Gullane 3&1
1991 C. Macphail (Ratho Park)    H Brown (Lothianburn) R Burgess 5&3
1990 S. Middleton (Glencorse) S Napier (Prestonfield) Prestonfield 3&2
1989 K. Hastings (Broomieknowe) J Noon       (Musselburgh) Longniddry 2&1
1988 B. Shields (Bathgate) C Binnie (Ratho Park) Bruntsfield 2&1
1987 D. Kirkpatrick    (Tantallon) J B Dunlop (Broomieknowe) Newbattle 4&3
1986 S. Smith (Duddingston) J Grant (Dunbar) Duddingston 19th Hole
1985 S. Easingwood (Dunbar) M Stevenson (Harrison) Gullane 5&4
1984 P.J. Smith  (Pumpherston) S Stephen (Broomieknowe0 Mortonhall 1 Hole

A. Roy                    (Royal Musselburgh)

C K Cox                  (West Lothian) Bruntsfield Links 20th Hole
1982 R.W. Bradley      (Baberton) W E Middleton (Prestonfield) Prestonfield 20th Hole
1981 J.B. Dunlop (Broomieknowe)   J J Little      (Kingsknowe) Monktonhall 2&1
1980 S.T. Knowles (KIngsknowe) C K Cox                  (West Lothian) Royal Burgess 2 Holes
1979 C.P. Christy (Duddingston) J B Dunlop (Broomieknowe) Longniddry 1 Hole
1978 S. Stephen (Broomieknowe) A G G Miller    (Glencorse) Duddingston 2&1
1977 I.D. Stavert (Duddingston) L A Gordon     (Turnhouse) Bruntsfield Links 3&1
1976 N.J. Fisher (Lothianburn) R M F Jack (Liberton) Prestonfield 1 Hole
1975 R.C.E. Muir (Broomieknowe) H H Brown    (Lothianburn) Monktonhall 4&3
1974 L.G.A. Morton   (Baberton) M Kirk               (Harburn) Royal Burgess 6&5
1973 W.C. Davidson (Duddingston) J N Rowberry         (Royal Musselburgh) Dalmahoy 4&3
1972 P.M.B. Bucher (Bruntsfield Links) R W Jordan    (Turnhouse) Longniddry 4&3
1971 A.G.G. Miller (Prestonfield) R W Jordan    (Turnhouse) Duddingston 7&6
1970 C. McCulloch (Baberton) R Gray (Prestonfield) Prestonfield 4&3
1969 D.F. Campbell         (Royal Bank) J A Mather (Gullane) Longniddry 6&5
1968 G. Macgregor  (Glencorse) G E Robertson (Bruntsfield Links) Dalmahoy 2&1
1967 B. Gallacher (Bathgate) G Macgregor (Glencorse) Monktonhall 1 Hole
1966 G.E. Robertson    (Scottish Widows) D F Campbell         (Royal Bank) Mortonhall 37th Hole
1965 A.J. Low (Duddingston) R W Jordan (Turnhouse) Duddingston 1 Hole
1964 R.D.B.M. Shade (Duddingston) D W Alexander (Dalmahoy) Dalmahoy 1 Hole
1963 A.M. Lourie (Duddingston) E B Lynch    (Prestonfield) Royal Burgess 2&1
1962 H.M. Campbell (Carrickvale) D W Alexander (Dalmahoy) Prestonfield 2&1

H.C. Brownlee  (Craigmillar Park)

A F D MacGregor (Merchants) Luffness New 8&7
1960 D.W. Alexander (Dalmahoy) E Thomson (Duddingston) Murrayfield 2&1
1959 A.H.H. Campbell (Turnhouse) A F D Macgregor (Merchants) Bruntsfield Links 38th hole
1958 J.R. Kyle (Turnhouse) A B Taylor (Dalmahoy) Duddingston 5&4
1957 D.W. Alexander (Dalmahoy) L J Du Long (Dalmahoy) Prestonfield 4&3
1956 P.R. Bryce (Gullane) A B Taylor (Dalmahoy) Gullane 3&2
1955 A.M.M. Bucher (Bruntdfield Links)     S B Williamson (Longniddry) Bruntsfield Links 3&1
1954 S. Smith          (Edinburgh Thistle)     A M M Bucher (Bruntsfield Links) Royal Burgess 3&2
1953 W.C.D. Hare        (Gullane) S B Williamson (Longniddry) Luffness New 4&3
1952 W.C.D. Hare        (Gullane) S B Williamson (Longniddry) Turnhouse 2 Holes
1951 A.B. Taylor (Dalmahoy) I MacNiven (Mortonhall) Murayfield 7&5
1950 I. Macniven (Mortonhall) E Dale-Smith (Dalmahoy) Dalmahoy 3&2
1949 C.M. Meek (Baberton) A B Taylor (Dept of Agric) Baberton 37th
1948 R.M. Lees (Liberton) I Roberts (Murrayfield) Bruntsfield 9&8

A.S. Flockhart              (Royal Musselburgh)

E Dale-Smith (Dalmahoy)  Murrayfield 3&2

Lothians Amateur Championship
Leading Qualifier Winner presented with Stuart Cup since 1965

Year Champion Club
2023 C Wilson Castle Park
2022 R Gill Tantallon
2021 A. Dick Kingsfield
2020 C Wilson Castle Park
2019 A Dick KIngsfield
2018 N Saldarov Craigielaw
2017 S McLaren Bruntsfield Links
2016 L Morgan Dunbar
2015 A Dick Kingsfield
2014 C Burgess Musselburgh
2013 J McIntosh Broomieknowe
2012 A Dick Kingsknowe
2011 S Simants Dunbar
2010 G A Robertson Silverknowes
2009 P Drake Pumpherston
2008 S Armstrong Turnhouse
2007 K. A. Nicholson Haddington
2006 S Armstrong Turnhouse
2005 C Neilson Dunbar
2004 R Moffat Dundas Parks
2003 K. A. Nicholson Haddington
2002 G. L. Corrigan Greenburn
2001 D. Thomson Deer Park
2000 K A. Nicholson Haddington
1999 J. Noon Musselburgh
1998 C. Swanston Uphall
1997 F. Stewart Prestonfield
1996 N.R. Shillinglaw Glencorse
1995 S. Cowper Linlithgow
1994 J. McLean Bathgate
1993 S.C. Smith Duddingston
1992 S.J. Gallacher Bathgate
1991 M. Robson Kingsknowe
1990 S. Middleton Glencorse
1989 B. Shields Bathgate
1988 D.E.D. Neave Murrayfield
1987 S. Mackenzie West Linton
1986 M. Kirk Harburn
1985 M. Stevenson Harrison
1984 J. Noon Musselburgh
1983 A.G.G. Miller Bruntsfield Links
1982 P.B. Lamb Glencorse
1981 S.T. Knowles Kingsknowe
1980 W.E. Middleton Prestonfield
1979 W.L. Gray Dunbar
1978 L.A. Gordon Turnhouse
1977 W.S. Morton Glencorse
1976 D.F. Campbell Royal Bank
1975 L.A. Gordon Turnhouse
1974 J. McLean Bathgate
1973 D.M. Robertson Dunbar
1972 F.A. Hall Longniddry
1971 J.E. Murray Baberton
1970 P.J. Smith Dalmahoy
1969 G. Macgregor Jnr. Glencorse
1968 A.B. Hendry Baberton
1967 J.N. Rowberry Royal Musselburgh
1966 F.C. Black Prestonfield
1965 Hugh Campbell & J McLean Carrickvale & Bathgate

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